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Client driven, Global Sustainable Construction and Maintenance, with dependable HRM, regards to Health and Safety regulations and Quality Assurance procedures. We strive for world best in Proactive maintenance and continue research in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and communication technologies in Global maintenance “Embedded System in building fabric for the Industry”
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At the root of great results in any industrial activity there is often high specialization, meaning the concentration of resources and technological know-how to best create a specific product. This is true of ACT-COSMI NIGERIA LTD.

ACT NIGERIA LTD. was incorporated in 1987 and entered into joint venture partnership with Cosmi Spa of Italy in 2000.

Our activities are conceptualised, articulated and our capabilities are based on a group of professionally trained, engineering, project mangers and management personnel with extensive experience and a wide tested backgrounds of all aspects of the Oil and Gas sector, Construction, mechanical assembly and industrial plant engineering both onshore and offshore.
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