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  • Construction and laying of pipelines and tubing
  • Pre-Engineering and Prefabrication and assembly of metal structures
  • Pre-Engineering and Prefabrication, assembly and transport of offshore plant
  • Construction of storage tank and Boiler–making
  • Prefabrication and assembly of industrial plant
  • Hook-up, pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Design, engineering and procurement of turnkey plant
  • Pipeline Integrity and Coating Defects Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Test
  • Leak detection system using “Leakloc”
  • Pipeline leak remediation and wall reinforcement using “StrongBack Composite System”
  • Sand/Grit blasting of pipelines and tanks
  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of solar powered cathodic protection systems
  • Procurement and application of high performance protective coating systems (Anti-corrosion and Fire proof)
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Amongst others, ACT-COSMI is equipped with a civil section with own equipment for digging moving earth, concrete casting and demolition work, thereby reducing the need to resort to other contractors and simplifying the customer’s management work. Key to this paradigm is its commitment to quality as a vital factor in its own consolidation and development.

We offer various services to oil companies and players in the oil industry, whether offshore or onshore.  Some of our equipments and workshop area are displayed below:

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